Parenting: How to raise peaceful, productive and connected family without power struggle

This course provides practical tools to end parenting marriage struggles once and for all so you can create a peaceful, productive, and connected family.
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Senait Adebo

My name is Dr. Senait Adebo founder of the peaceful and productive family program. Dedicated to the well-being and productivity of you and your family an enthusiastic Pediatrician and life coach
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As a busy Physician, mother, and wife with a background in Pediatrics and life coaching, I took my family's well-being, success, and peace into my own hands to find answers to my own struggles of balancing my career with raising three young children with no family around to support. I discovered how to get my children to listen without a power struggle and help them become responsible and productive. I also found a way to maintain my intimacy and connection with my husband - another busy physician. Now I get to share what I learned with the world starting with you
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